Hi Hushworx Lovers!

We are Hushworx Fitness Wear

Established since 2013, Hushworx Fitness Wear is a leading online retailer known to represent quality and comfort. We provide the best quality shape wear and waist trainer for our customer (otherwise inaccurately called bengkung/ girdle by most Malaysians). Our foundation is build on loyalty and quality coupled with affordable prices. Shaping a stronger you, we are dedicated to provide our customers with the most comfortable, highest quality shape wear. Stronger support garments and weight loss products.

Everybody deserves to live everyday looking and feeling at your best. We empower you to be at your best. We empower you to be confident, poised with exceptional quality shape wear that enhance your natural well being. It is no secret that shape wear helps improved confidence slims waistlines and gives you a better posture. We give the best and most effective garments, so you can find the prefect solution for your individual needs and goals


Confidence is Luxury!

Creating a wide selection of modern corsets using high quality material and size variations with reinforced technology. Helps to shape the body and position the spine to promote self-confidence for the younger generation to restore self-confidence and well-being.

High Quality Products 95%
Customer service 80%
Nationwide & International Agents & Stockist 95%

Our Experiences

  1. Being online selling on social media since 2013.
  2. Opening of Hushworx Fitness Wear Boutique at Amerin Mall in 2018.
  3. Team Hushworx’s participate in various events in Amerin Mall such as Beauty Fair, Health Fair and monthly events by the Mall.
  4. Multiple Testimonials of Hushworx’s productivity in social media from loyal customers.
  5. Trusted by Malaysian Celebrities such as Dato’ Sri Siti Nurhaliza, Leez Rosli, Watie Elite, Chef Anis Nabilah, Dynas Mokhtar dan many more.
  6. Have stockists and agents representatives who are believed to be doing social media online from 2018 – 2019.
  7. Fitness Dance events that are with co-accredited coaches – Wati Ellite, Coach Kama, Cikgu Yatt, Cikgu Zin Aida, and others.
  8. Hushworx also provide fitting session with customers at various places such as spa, offices, and boutiques.
  9. Participate at public booth around Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya from 2017 – 2019.
  10. Featured in Sinar Harian’s Newspaper March Issue , Women’s Magazine and Family Magazine.

Hushworx Lovers Feedback

Real Feedback from Customers

  • Why Husworx attracts me ?  Because it looks very comfy and durable. I bought 1 Opal Premium during 7 months pregnancy to wear during confinement (which is soon in June) and will want extra waist trainer to swap everyday (because want to double confirm on the size). With Hushworx waist trainer, i believe i can wear this bengkung modern without cheat and get the figure i want before coming back to office. New me  Goodluck to me to get figure back or even better, congrats to @hushworx_fitnesswear @eleenzanudin because you have make wonderful ladies out there happy with the shape they dream. I will be one them insyaAllah !

    Wan Nur Zakiah - Kuala Lumpur
  • Dulu2 pakai girdle sbb nak kempiskan perut je. Lepas tu kerap pakai dan basuh even jenama X pun lunyai. Bila tengok Anis Nabilah terus nak try. So saya beli Violet. MasyaAllah, baru sedar yg posture badan out. Pakai hushworx punya merasa badan tegak macam patung. Walaupun masih pakai cangkuk yang paling luar, harap2 dalam nak kempiskan perut dpt posture badan yang lebih baik. So, if you read this friend, try la. Memula mmg hazab lepastu, confidence terus tetibe. 

    Saiesaidah - Kuala Lumpur
  • I just bought and tried the diamond premium and it made me realize that my back is crooked due to a lump on my left rib that i thought was nothing but after just trying @hushworx_fitnesswear for a few minutes my back hurts like hell. Now I’m determined to remove that lump so that I could have the right posture and get rid of my back pain.

    DollyNa - Penang
  • the quality is very good beyond other , honestly i bought one of the product which is diamond croset and feel it by myself the confortable design , the croset made from good material that no more become rolling up and poking on skin is the best part ! its also give good posture to me , i ada sikit bongkok n bila pakai ni dia menarik badan kita jadi tegak  the price also under range with the quality, the material also absorbing sweat, and will not become hot if wear it, all my back was covered by wearing this  it is the best ever part !  we also become more slimmer, perut buncit akan hilang cmtu jea  baju takleh masuk pun automatik boleh ok, mmg high recomanded this hushworx  the best ever bengkung i have had and really falling love 

    Qiela - Kajang
  • I choose Hushworx because i can guarantee that it will make me looking good on my wedding day soon ! I am adore so much with all the testimonies and i am sure i can be like them

    Hajjarshah - Kuala Lumpur
  • Is good for me to have this product, i achieve my body target. I get my shape on my wedding days. I wear latex & ruby and adjust between days.

    Nabilah Huda - Selangor
  • The best waist trainer ever. The material very comfy & suitable to wear daily.

    Siti Nurfitrie - Sepang
  • It was indeed beyond expectation! Quality wise – very impressive with it. Was a user from a famous brand in Malaysia for more than 7 years ever since I found out having a slipped disc, and have always ensure my back is fully supported! I’ve worn corset every single day in my life & ever since I tried Hushworx, it gave me a total support (fully!) and my posture kept in shaped! For able to wear it up to 10hours without feeling too hot in it is very good. Made you feel comfortable all day long too. The best part is, it doesn’t roll-up or out of shape but it flows well according to ur body shape. Truly impressed and amazed with the Quality. That’s why I got another product (Olivia) for my mom!

    Nas Alya - Bandar Tun Hussein Onn
  • Love it.. it’s comfortable, durable and it works..

    Yusnita Ramli - Penang
  • Don’t know what to say, i am using my girdle, long bra and body shaper daily with XX brand with thousand ringgit prices… DAILY ya.. but, this is most comfy than that XX brand. Falling in love with this affordable body shaper.. For sure i will buy girdle from Hushworx after this..

    Nurrohanim binti Ahmad - Puchong